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The Story of Aunty's

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic is the vibrant flavours of West African villages and the fresh, natural goodness of Australia in a bottle -  a real mix of cultures, representing what Australia is today - and what healthy eating and drinking should be! It's the perfect mix. The new way to refreshment that’s as good for you as it is fun to drink.



We believe in celebrating the diversity of Australia. From its people to its food and drink, every gathering represents the opportunity to come together and delight in the textures and flavours of the cultures who call Australia home, where new ways to wellness are discovered and shared. Come and explore new ways to be happy and healthy!



Founder, Yarrie Bangura, fled her war-torn home in Sierra Leone when she was just eight. Months later, she would arrive in Australia as a refugee.

Yarrie's memories of her African heritage inspired her to start making the special ginger brew that she drank in her youth. The natural remedy, made by her Aunty and Grandmother, was given to the community to ward off colds and encourage digestive health.

“I remember as a child sitting by my grandmother side as she peeled the ginger roots that she had grown and harvested. There were huge tubes of peeled roots of ginger. The smell was so fresh and strong. As she boiled the ginger she would tell me stories of her youth, of the village and of the people long passed. Sometimes she would sing, not normal songs, she would sing to make the ginger stronger. She believed in her magic to make the ginger stronger.” 


To Yarrie, Aunty's Ginger Tonic isn't a business. It's a symbol of her past, her future and the power of community. Through her business, Yarrie strives to ‘give back’ to her fellow Australians, and to inspire others in the refugee community to follow their dreams.

Shake that bottle now! Taste the authentic wisdom and vitality of our founder’s Auntie’s recipe in its sparklingly tasty blend of real Aussie ginger blended with the gentle sweetness of  tamarind, all known for their immune boosting, detoxifying benefits. Every time you shake that bottle, you not only refresh your mind and body but you also help our founder share the tastes of her culture, making her feel wonderful that she is helping Australians on their path to wellbeing.

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